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2024 Club Bylaws


Horse And Pony Bylaws

Project may be a project, poster, action demonstration or a combination.

Future members(Grade 2), Junior Members (Grade 3-7),

Senior Members(Grades 8-12)

Grade levels are as of January 1st of the current year.


Requirements for project completion:(Not showing a horse at the county fair)

  • 4-H member county enrollment form should be submitted online by January 15th.

  • Complete the educational activity packet appropriate for the grade level of the member and have it turned in and graded by the designated Fair Sign-up times.

  • Attend a minimum of one (1) General or Clean up Meeting.

  • 4-H members work one(1) shift the week of the Lagrange Co. 4-H Fair.


Requirements to show a horse at the Lagrange County 4-H Fair Horse and Pony Show:

  • 4-H member county enrollment form should be submitted online by January 15th.

  • Complete the educational activity packet appropriate for the grade level of the member and have it turned in and graded by the designated Fair Sign-up times.

  • To be eligible to show at the county fair, it is mandatory that all 4-H horse and pony projects be enrolled online by May 15th and a current “Certificate of Completion of Indiana 4-H Requirements for Exhibition of 4-H Horse and Pony” form be completed showing required vaccines had been administered. Vaccine Form Has To Be Submitted Online Or Turned Into The Extension Office By May 15th. A copy needs to be kept by the 4-Her and presented at workouts.

  • One or more animals fed and cared for by the 4-H member.

  • Each 4-H member must show in at least one class of their choice.

  • Membership Dues Paid- $15 per member and Must be paid by the April Business Meeting.

  • Stall Fee-$18.00 per stalled horse/pony due during Fair Sign-ups. This fee will include 3 unopened bags of shavings which will be placed in the member's stall prior to Fair Week.

  • Attend a minimum of one (1) General or Clean up Meeting.

  • 4-H members work one(1) shift the week of the Lagrange Co. 4-H Fair.


How can I help as a Parent?

4-h parents must give their permission for youngsters to participate in 4-H programs and activities and can lend support by: 

  • Seeing that your child attends all 4-H meetings when possible.

  • Donating some time in helping 4-H leaders with the club or special activities.

  • Becoming aware of “The Rules and Regulations of the official Handbook of the Indiana 4-H Horse andPony Program”.

  • Becoming aware of the fairground rules and Lagrange County Horse and Pony Bylaws.

  • Advising the 4-H member with the feeding, watering, and management of his/her horse/pony at home and Fair Week.

  • Assuming responsibility for transportation for their child and project animal to 4-H events.

  • One adult member of each 4-H Member must work one three hour shift during the 4-H fair.


4-H ProgramPolicies:

4-H Mission: The Indiana 4-H Youth Development mission is to provide real-life educational opportunities that develop young people who will have a positive impact in their communities and the world.

4-H Vision:The Indiana 4-H Youth Development strives to be the premier community-based program empowering young people to reach their full potential.

4-H Philosophy: Because the 4-h events, activities, and experiences serve as the building blocks for youth developments,the more experiences the 4-H member can do themselves the more the youth will benefit. It is expected that the members do most of the management, riding, lunging, and driving with assistance always being acceptable if/when/ needed for safety or educational reasons.


Behavioral Statement:

First and foremost, all exhibitors, parents, and spectators will conduct themselves as ladies and gentlemen. When attending, participating, or acting on behalf of the 4-H programs, all persons are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with accepted standards of behavior,show respect for others’ rights, and refrain from any conduct which may be injurious to the 4-H program. Inhumane treatment of animals, including a Body Condition Score of less than three (3.0), impolite behavior, poor sportsmanship, or disruptive actions,(as deemed by the show management) will result in disqualification and/or removal from the grounds.


Lagrange County 4-H Fair Horse and Pony Rules

Adopted 0/2003-Last Revised 1/2024

  1. Any youth may become a regular 4-H member when they enter the third grade of school. He/She may continue his/her membership in 4-H though his/her twelfth grade of school (a maximum of 10 years). Any youth may become a Future 4-H Horse and Pony member when they enter the second grade of school.

  2. Show Divisions:

    1. Juniors: 4-H’s enrolled in grades 3-7 as of January 1st of the current year.

    2. Seniors: 4-H’s enrolled in grades 8-12 as of January 1st of the current year.

    3. First years are defined as their first year in the Horse and Pony project at Lagrange County.

  3. A 4-h member may only enter a horse and pony project in only one county. Does not necessarily have to be in the county in which he/she lives.

  4. No horse or pony may be exhibited if purchased or enrolled after May 15th, except in case of injury, sickness, death of the animal, or safety of all involved. The 4-h member or parents must present the case of substitution to the Adult Leader Committee. A veterinarian's slip and/or leader’s verification may be required. A substituted 4-H horse/pony can be shown at the county fair only.

  5. The same animal may be co-enrolled by brothers and/or sisters, however, only one rider may exhibit the animal at the County Fair or State Fair.

  6. A 4-H member may enter separate horse and pony projects. Stall space may be provided for the secondary project based on annual enrollment numbers (number determined by adult committee), to be determined during fair sign-up week. Eligibility will be based on 4-H member’s years completed in the H&P program. No additional incentive points will be earned by the second project being stalled but the 4-Her is still expected to give the same care to the second project as the primary project. The secondary project may be brought in and returned the day of the 4-H fair show day (Tuesday, Wednesday, and/or Thursday). Secondary projects may stay at their respective trailers or they may take the place of the stalled (primary) project. An Adult Horse andPony Committee member and/or Barn Manager should be made aware prior to secondary projects taking the place of the primary projects in the barn. No more than one project in one stall at any time. Only one horse/one rider combination may be entered per class. 

  7. Any 4-H member who is interested in entering in a pony class during the week of fair must have the pony measured by the person designated by the Horse and Pony Adult Committee. Pony will only be measured once if older than 5 years old. If the pony is under 5 years old, the pony will need to be measured every year until they reach 5 years old. Each qualifying pony will receive a card. The pony card will allow for entry into pony division classes pertaining to the Lagrange County Fair. NO other pony measurement cards will be accepted as of 2021. Subject to change when Horse and Pony Adult Committee deems necessary.

  8. No stallions exceeding weanling age can be exhibited.

  9. New FairEntry Policy: Any 4-H Member not enrolled in FairEntry by the deadline (June 24, 2024) will still be allowed to show as Exhibition but Judges will only be allowed to critique the 4-H Member and the 4-H Member will not receive a placing.

  10. All members must use appropriate tack for specified class. Western boots must be worn with a heel. Sport riding shoes are not acceptable footwear while mounted at a 4-H event. A western hat may only be worn in showmanship and/or halter classes.all 4-H members are required to wear a properly fitted ASTM or SEI standard F1163 (or above) certified equestrian helmet whenever mounted or driving at a 4-H horse and pony event,show, or activity. The 4-H member is responsible to see that this specified headgear is properly fitted with the approved harness fastened in place whenever mounted. Original tags must be present in all approved helmets. A long-sleeved shirt with collar(band,stand up, tuxedo)shall be worn when competing (refer to 4-H 661 Indiana 4H Horse and Pony Handbook).

  11. Stall assignments will be awarded based on the amount of incentive points earned by each 4-H member from January 1st to the end of the Fair Sign-up week of the Current year. Points cannot be earned for a 4-H member by anyone but the 4-Her themselves. The 4-H member or a member of the immediate family must be present to select a stall. Any member failing to complete their fair week sign-up paperwork (stall card form, class entries, grade level activity packet, fees, etc.)will be last to make their fair week stall selection at the general business meeting prior to fair week.

  12. All members must follow the barn rules as posted in the barn. Any 4-H member who continually breaks the barn rules may be barred for one year from showing  and/or forfeit any prizes or winnings at the Lagrange County 4-H Fair.

  13. Each exhibitor must bring his/her own feed, extra bedding and cleaning utensils. The $18.00 stall fee (per stall) will include 3 unopened bags of shavings. Additional bedding will be available for purchase throughout the fair week. 

  14. To be eligible for 4-H recognition, primary horse (and secondary horse if stalled) must be in the 4-H barn at the designated start time and must stay until released by the Barn Manager or Adult Committee Member after Midnight on Friday night.

  15. All stalled projects need to be in assigned stalls during the routine wellness check which will begin at noon on Saturday check-in day. Check will end at approximately 1:00pm. Projects are free to leave stall after check has been completed.

  16. Only Lagrange county 4-H Horse and Pony members may ride or drive their own 4-H animals during 4-H events and fair week.  

  17. No trainers are to lunge, ride or drive a 4-H member's horse/pony during the fair.

  18. Due to state mandate there will be a “mandatory jumping practice” for all 4-H members participating in over fences classes. For the personal safety of each participant and horse/pony, all youth enrolled in over fence classes must participate in a designated practice session prior to the designated Fair Sign-up times. Fence heights for the over the fence classes will be set for the competition after the ability of the rider has been assessed by the designated leader.


Indiana State Fair Procedures

Adopted 0/2003-Last Revised 01/2024

It is the responsibility of the 4-H member to contact the extension office to get the information to sign up and show at the state fair.


Lagrange 4-H Horse and Pony Special Awards

Adopted 0/2003-Last Revised 1/2024

Expectations for Incentive Awards

In addition to the project completion and animal enrollment requirements for participation at the 4-H Fair Horse and Pony Show, we expect the following from Lagrange County Horse and Pony Club Members.

  1. Attend at least two(2) business/clean-up meetings.

  2. Work at least two(2) shifts at a 4-H club sponsored Horse Show.

  3. 4-H members work one(1) shift the week of the Lagrange Co. 4-H Fair.

  4. One adult family member works one(1) shift the week of the Lagrange Co. 4-h Fair.


 Incentive Awards

Points Earned:

General Business Meetings- 7 pts per meeting

Set up/Clean up Meetings- 10 pts per meeting

Working at Horse Shows- 8 pts per hour

Fundraiser - 1 point per $10 raised

Sponsor Drive- Saddle Sponsor: 25pts, Diamond Level Sponsor:15pts, Gold Level:10pts, $225-$375:5pts, and $25-$224:2pts 


Herdsmanship- 0-4 points per stall check. Maximum of 36 points for the week of fair can be earned. One point is awarded for each of the following:

  1. Two buckets of water

  2. Animal fed

  3. Bedding cleaned

  4. Aisle in front of the stall and tack stall are raked, neat and organized.

If you only complete two of those then you will only receive two points. If a horse has no water, you will receive a Zero.



  1. To be eligible to receive incentive awards, 4-H members must meet the expectations for members that are listed above.

  2. Points will accumulate from January 1st through to the annual Awards Banquet.

  3. Points will only accumulate for attendance at the various Lagrange County 4-H Horse and Pony functions. Class placings at the fair are NOT included.

  4. Points will not be awarded if you do not sign in.

  5. Points will be earned ONLY by the 4-H member.

Award system is :

116 pts and over- 1st Prize-TBD

91-115 pts- 2nd Prize- TBD

70-90 pts- 3rd Prize- TBD

The 4-H member with the most points will be awarded a saddle, donated by the saddle sponsor. In the event of a tie, the club member with the most working points would be awarded top prize.

Versatility Award

Adopted 0/2003-Last Revised 09/2021

  1. Any regular 4-H member is eligible to participate for the award.

  2. Regular 4-H members must compete in all components of the Versatility Class at the county level to be eligible for the award. Current components of the class consist of WesternPleasure, Western Horsemanship, English, and Barrels. Appropriate attire is required for each class

  3. The winner of this award has first choice to represent Lagrange County in competition at the Hoosier Horse Fair in Indianapolis, Indiana, the following year(April).

  4. The Horse and Pony Club will reimburse any entry fees pertaining to the versatility class at the Hoosier Horse Fair.

  5. The senior award consists of a director’s chair embroidered with “Versatility Winner-YYYY”.

  6. The Junior award consists of a hammock with “Junior Versatility Winner-YYYY”.

  7. The classes will be run together or separate based on judges discretion but placed separate.

  8. Award will be presented during the banquet of the current year.

Lagrange Horse And Pony Standing Rules

Adopted 0/2003-Last Revised 09/2021

Junior Committee

The purpose of the Lagrange County Horse and Pony Junior Committee is to assist the adult committee and to have the viewpoint of the 4-H Horse and Pony members heard.

  1. Each year those Horse and Pony members who are in 8th grade or higher and have at least Two (2) years of Lagrange Horse and Pony experience, may complete an application form for this committee. Applications will be available at the annual awards banquet and once turned in will be given to the adult committee for review. The selection process will begin and those selected by the adult committee will be notified.

  2. Each junior committee member will serve a 1-yr. Term.

  3. Each year a new application must be submitted for consideration.

  4. A junior committee member may not miss 3 consecutive scheduled meetings(committee,general business, and cleanup) without an excused absence from the adult committee prior to the scheduled meeting. This shall not include last minute meetings to finish up preparations for an event. After 3 unexcused absences, the member will forfeit his/her term as a junior committee member. If a junior committee position is vacated during the term, a replacement may be appointed by the adult committee based on the application process.

  5. Junior Committee Members will need to communicate with each other and their leaders. 

  6. Junior committee members will serve with the utmost respect for 4-H members, their families, leaders, and fair association personnel.

  7. The junior committee is supervised by the adult committee.

  8. The Junior committee will elect officers that will work hand in hand with the Adult Committee officers.

    1. Superintendent

    2. Secretary

    3. Treasurer

    4. Barn Manager

    5. Kitchen Manager

  9. Starting in 2021 the Jr Committee will have a maximum of Nine Members.


Adult Committee

  1. The Adult Leaders Committee consists of nine representatives attending the 4-H Horse and Pony program in Lagrange County.Three will be elected annually at the awards banquet to serve a 3 yr term. A limit of one representative per 4-H member may serve a term. To be a member of the Adult Committee, a person does not have to have a 4-H member enrolled in the program. An Adult Leader Committee member who misses three(3) consecutive meetings (adult committee or general business) will forfeit his/her term as an Adult Leader Committee member. If an Adult Leader Committee position is vacated during the term, the next elected person on the ballot will fulfill the term. If there is no one remaining on the ballot, a person may be appointed by the adult committee for the vacated position.

  2. At the first adult committee meeting after the awards banquet, the nine(9) committee members will elect the following positions:

    1. Superintendent- may not serve more and 3 consecutive years, beginning 01/01/2007

    2. Assistant Superintendent

    3. Secretary 

    4. Treasurer

    5. Co-Treasurer

    6. Barn Manager

    7. Assistant Barn Manager

    8. Kitchen Manager

  3. Superintendent Duties: it shall be the duty of the superintendent to preside at all meetings, committee and business, call any meetings of the members of the committee deemed necessary for the welfare of the Horse and Pony program. He/She shall have general supervision over all sub-committees in matters connected in any way with the program and shall order the enforcement of all rules of the Adult Leader Committee. He/She shall be empowered to appoint all necessary sub-committees. The superintendent will work closely with Purdue University Cooperative Extension agent and keep him/her informed of all Horse and Pony program decisions.He/She will act as the Show Manager for the fair shows. In the absence of the superintendent or inability to serve, the assistant superintendent shall perform all such duties that belong to the superintendent.

  4. A quorum of the Adult Leader Committee shall consist of a simple majority, which are five members. If no quorum appears,then the meeting shall adjourn until such a time as the quorum shall be present.

  5. The executive committee shall include all four officers(Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Secretary, and Treasurer) and have the power to make any necessary decisions between committee meetings.

  6. The Adult Leader Committee is a policy-making organization. That leadership is available throughout the county. The Adult Leader Committee will recommend 4-H leaders for the Horse and Pony program. Names will be submitted to the committee for approval. Upon the Adult Leader Committee’s approval, recommended leaders will be referred to the Lagrange County Extension Office to complete the required 4-H Volunteer Application and Screening process.

  7. 4-H project leaders are responsible for directing and working with 4-H members in this club.the leaders will promote 4-H enrollment and help set up programming.

  8. The 4-H Club will run by the 4-H standards and 4-H shows will use approved 4H judges.

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