In order to participate in any Indiana 4-H Horse & Pony events, it is required that your horse and/or pony be vaccinated.  To help you make sure your equine friend gets the necessary vaccinations, we work with a local vet to get a special rate.  Our 2019 Vaccination Day will take place at the LaGrange Co. Fairgrounds on April 27, 2019.  If you are a Horse & Pony member that would like to take advantage of our Vaccination Day, please contact us by March .  

List of Mandatory Vaccinations

  • Eastern and Western Equine Encephalomyelitis

  • Rhinopneumonitis/EHV type 1 and 4

  • Equine Influenza

  • Tetanus

  • Rabies

List of prices

  • $49.00 - Vetera Gold Combo (West Nile, Eastern & Western Equine Encephalomyelitis, Tetanus, Rhinopneumonitis/EHV type 1 and 4, Equine Influenza)

  • $30.00 - Potomic with Rabies

  • $28.50 - Rabies Only

  • $22.75 - Strangles

  • $40.00 - Coggins 

How do I register for the 2019 Vaccination Day?

You can register by coming to our General Business Meetings in February and March or mailing the form to the PO box below. Form must be received by March 27th for registration to be deemed valid.  

How do I pay for the vaccinations?

Checks should be made payable to the LaGrange Co. Horse & Pony Club.  Payment can be made at the General Business Meetings in February and March or you can mail payment to

    LaGrange Co. Horse & Pony

    PO Box 145

    LaGrange, IN 46761

The 4-H member should hand-carry a completed

2019 Certificate of Completion of Indiana 4-H Requirements for Exhibition of 4-H Horse and Pony form to all 4-H Horse and Pony Events. Failure to meet guidelines on this form, an incomplete form, or outdated vaccinations will result ineligibility from Indiana 4-H Horse and Pony Events.

We recommend keeping a copy at your home for your records as well as keeping a copy in your truck or trailer.  You will be asked to present this form at riding meetings and the Wellness Check the week of Fair.

2019 Vaccination Day

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